Next level coaching for next level performance.

MLB-quality hitting, catcher & pitching instruction directly to your home.

Online, professional baseball  instruction. 

Provided by former Division-1 Player, Scout & Head Coach Mr. Howie McCann (of Windward Baseball Academy), our professional online baseball hitting, catcher and pitching analytics service provides MLB level mechanics feedback, all from the comfort of your home.

Coach McCann has over 50 years of coaching experience, and he utilizes the industry leading video and data analysis technology to improve performance and reduce injuries.

Our solution is not a replacement for a live coach, we are a supplement. Our goal is to make training more effective through the use of technology.

We have packages for individual players of all skill levels, as well as packages for entire teams to augment existing coaching staff development plans.


Have your catching, pitching & hitting mechanics analyzed by a professional coach.




Coach McCann's Digital Baseball Catcher, Hitting & Pitching Analysis makes it easy to get your player the valuable, personal feedback required to take their game to the elite level.

All you have to do is record your player (using your mobile device), email us the video, and we do the rest.

By providing direct, on-screen feedback of your players mechanics, Coach McCann provides the insight only gained thru decades of developing MLB caliber baseball players.


Real Coaching. 

Real Results.

Feedback is only effective when it's provided by a credible source.

Our mission is to provide analytical, science-based methods of improvement for individual players and as a support service to existing coaching staffs.

Real experience equals real improvement for your player.

How does it work?

Easy as 1-2-3!

Choose your package

Online only or video review online. Choose your package and make your payment.

Video your players mechanics

Use your phone camera or other high-quality video recording device following our instructions

Submit video via email

Submit your video using your email account.

Professional analysis within 1-week

You receive your custom swing analysis, within 1-week!

Analysis provided side-by-side with professional players!


Let's Get Started.

Ready to see how your mechanics stack up against the pros?

Choose your package and submit your video.

It's time to get started making your training more effective!


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